By the term “snack” we mean a small portion of food (less than a normal meal). Snacks are usually consumed in between meals. Snacking is an essential part of Greek culture and tradition. Sometimes, we even start the day with a healthy snack instead of breakfast. Part of Greek snacking is also the “mezedakia” or “mezes”. These snacks are an alternative to ordinary snacking for Greeks and Middle Easterns. Often they are served as appetizers or as a part of multi-course meals. During summer we love accompanying them with a cold glass of local beer. Our favorites are Vergina, Mythos and Fix beers. During winter, we prefer them with a glass of red or white wine. So if you find yourself in the streets of Athens, Thessaloniki or in a Greek island stop by a local café. Enjoy a quick Greek mezedaki with a drink of your choice. Don’t be surprised if they offer you nuts/chips with your beer or a fine chocolate with your wine. It’s part of our hospitality. All our snacks are best-selling products in Greece and abroad.

GR-eat guarantees that they satisfy even the most demanding palates. If you have a sweet tooth or you dream of salty snacks like chips for a party, we got you covered. Our deli selection ranges from tapenades (a.k.a. patés or spreads) to rusks and breadsticks in various flavors inspired by ingredients.  Nowadays, given our hectic lifestyle, snacks can be part of a balanced diet provided that you keep an eye on your daily calorie and fat intake. Should you have any questions about how to make a special Greek party ask George about your GR-eat options. He will give you a deal for a sports night be it football or handball.

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