Our selection of teas is incredibly delicious and perfect for any well-balanced diet. Be it mountain tea or other loose leaves and herbs of the Greek flora, all our products have important health properties. Most importantly, they are good at strengthening your immune system, as they are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. While they assist in digestion, they also help in relaxing and having a good night’s sleep.

Even Greek gods cannot resist a fine herbal tea from the mountains of this ancient terroir! The best brew for each season is made from loose tea leaves and flowers. When the tea is ready, the scent of the essential oils will fill the room with aromas from Crete and Aegean islands. The herbs are carefully selected according to both local and family traditions. Our selection of herbal teas consists of naturally grown herbs and the products are without additives. If you have a sweet tooth, add some honey from our fine selection and enjoy them all year round! Delicious teas that you can enjoy them warm or cool. Add some ice cubes for the warm or summer days of the year and you will have a cool drink! Yamas!

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